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About This Client

In the 17th century, the South American tribes used to prepare meat with circular wooden nets and call it barbacòa. The Spanish invaders quickly learned this mode of preparation of meat and, modifying the Indian name, called it as we know - “barbeque”. After centuries, a new equipment that allowed for faster preparation of any type of meat was invented in the northeast of the United States of America. This machine is now famous as a grilling machine. Since then, the culture of grill bars has started to develop at a rapid pace. The philosophy of Buffalo Grill Bar lies in original preparation of meat, accompanying with unique sauces and serving at superior level. Our skilled team of chefs spares no effort to preserve the flavor of meat and enrich by using traditional methods of seasoning of meat. Buffalo Grill Bar has created all the facilities to spend a pleasant time. Family visits are more than welcomed, and there are numerous pastimes and games specially designed for our small visitors. Buffalo Grill Bar team is eager to make your evening more memorable and filled with love, through superior service and willingness of the whole staff, while the ear-catching melodies of live music will make you return again and again. We are kindly looking forward to your visiting Buffalo Grill Bar at 72/1 Hanrapetutyan Street.