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How Aznavour's songs are the French / European / fine taste and art, and performance during flight of the spirit, not his residence in the immediate vicinity of the new "Cascade Royal" lounge restaurant's philosophy to its clients as the European and the palatable food quality service resort. Identifying the unique features of the lounge restaurant ... Covering the whole panorama of Yerevan and Mount Ararat. Classic and modern style combination of external and internal design. Europe and the menu is delicious. Florists mood and preferences respective rooms, lounge bar and restaurant. high level of service, which is mixed with modern European quality of service, as well as the age-old warmth and hospitality towards guests ... Children's Room for children, where children can enjoy themselves under the supervision of nurse and play while adults enjoy delicious food and relaxed scene to Yerevan. Here meal, recreation, unique landscape hianale intertwined, which makes the piano and Cascade are unique sights of the city.