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In the heart of our city, in a place hidden from prying eyes, right in front of the blooming greenery, a new Italian restaurant Il Conti was opened, one of the advantages of which is the real Neapolitan stove, which is heated on acacia firewood. She keeps the heat around the clock so that our visitors can always taste the most real, the most Italian classic pizza that melts in the mouth. The restaurant menu offers a wide selection of pizzas for every taste. Il Conti offers its guests excellent home cooking and gives visitors a warm atmosphere in which vivid memories are born. The menu contains all the best Italian dishes, based on the best recipes and traditions of Italy. Only the freshest products are used here, so that guests can feel the amazing simplicity and natural rich taste of Italian dishes and dine at home. For connoisseurs of wines in the restaurant, an exquisite wine list is chosen, which will allow you to taste thinner Italy. When we are surrounded by metropolitan office blocks, our restaurant allows us to plan our business lunch. Il Conti offers a full dinner, which includes a huge selection of hot dishes and a variety of salads, cold snacks and assorted cheeses. And all this is served in Italian in large traditional portions. Everyone can get acquainted with the morning press and, of course, look through interesting magazines. And the Il Conti interior, made in the original design style, will allow him to immerse himself in the atmosphere of Italy and relax in a pleasant atmosphere. Il Conti has developed a special children's menu with drawings of favorite fairy-tale characters that will delight the eyes of your child. With confidence we can say that you will surely like to spend time in the relaxed atmosphere of the Mediterranean. You will have a love for excellent food and just for Italian life.