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About This Client

Through our passion, integrity and customer - focus we strive to be the most exceptional resort hotel in the Lake Sevan, with warm and friendly team dedicated to unforgettable personalized service thus, providing the true Armenian Hospitality. 

We promise to provide outstanding service in an atmosphere of high quality, comfort, hospitality, relaxation and with great respect for environment, employees and community.  

At Noy Land Resort, we know you have a choice. So, thank you for considering our resort to satisfy your vacation needs. We greatly appreciate the opportunity that our guests give us to serve them in the most outstanding manner. We recognize that we have to compete for your trust, so we never take our guests for granted.

Nested on the shores of beautiful Lake Sevan, Noy Land Resort is a perfect heaven for those who want to experience the best of what Lake Sevan has to offer. Our exceptional waterfront location, welcoming atmosphere, and superb service make Noy Land Resort the preferred accommodation for couples, active families, and groups. 

Noy Land Resort’s comfortable setting offers lovely vacation cottages and beautiful hotel rooms in a laid-back atmosphere. Here you can enjoy the ample space detaching yourself from the daily stress of the city life by sleeping peacefully through the night. 

Fresh air and the warming sun of the highlands will fill you with positive emotions and energize your spirit to take pleasure in the variety of adventurous activities. After a long day of swimming, paddling, and hiking enjoy a glass of wine and beautiful sunset right from the patio of the outdoor cafe or your cottage porch. 

The cozy and environmentally conscious resort makes Noy Land Resort the ideal candidate for you and your family to visit. Never has a vacation been so joyful!