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About This Client


     Tosp castle (Tosp fortress/Van castle) has survived through centuries and is still soaring high up in the sky like an Eagle. Following the historic icon, we strive for nothing less than perfection in Tospia.

      Our staff members do their absolute best to make sure Tospia becomes the crème de la crème of restaurants. It is due to their hard work and enthusiasm that Tospia receives all the gratitude and appreciation from tourists and the local guests. We believe that following our idiology Tospia will become Yerevan's most preferred traditional restaurant.


     The flavours, taste, smell, colors and other attributes of the ethnic dishes tell a lot about the mentality of the people. Every cuisine is an important part of its nation's culture and a reflection in its lifestyle.

      We have a mission to introduce our guests to the best of the Armenian rich traditional and modern dishes, diverse yet elegant music and important values of culture and civilization via different media in our restaurant.

      Armenian cuisine has evolved and developed through millennia, but was able to save its most ancient recipes. And today we can only thank God for this mission to deliver historic heritage to you.