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The story of Tsirani started when grandfather Tsaruk opened his canteen in his yard in village Arinj. The little canteen was always full of customers. To please every customer and not to refuse to serve anyone, sometimes he even provided his own dining table and utensil. Afterwards, grandfather Tsaruk built the biggest restaurant of those times in Arinj village and named it after his grandson “Little Stepanos”. Later the secret recipes and best traditions revived in nowadays garden-restaurant Tsirani, which was founded by his son. Tsirani is spread on 4 ha of the apricot garden, where are located 61 wooden open air garden houses, 10 closed pavilions and the unique banquet hall that can serve 320 guests. Here are also located the large lake, waterfall and many other beautiful corners.  Home-style cuisine and such fresh and natural ingredients like the meat and vegetables made Tsirani the favorite place of the tourists and locals. Besides the very much loved traditional Armenian dishes like barbeque, kebab, khash and harisa, Tsirani is famous for its special dishes lamb on the spit, pakhlava, gata made in tondir, lavash baked right in the garden, churned buttermilk and arishta (noodles) made in the village. In the middle of July, Tsirani becomes even more beautiful with the queen of Armenian fruits apricot, which is the ecologically pure product, picked right from the apricot trees of our garden. The secrets of the already loved cuisine of Tsirani are renovated time to time and saved with great care. Tsirani garden-restaurant is the right place for any event that implies eating delicious food and following the other Armenian traditions. Except for get-togethers with friends or relatives, there are frequently organized corporate parties, christenings, birthday parties, conferences and of course weddings in Tsirani. Moreover, in summer we organize such ethnic events like evenings of Armenian jazz; Greek, Latin and Arabic parties with free entry for the visitors of our garden.