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About This Client

The brand: The concept of the “Yes! Republic” kids’ club was to create a special space for children to unleash and explore their natural creativity. Maeutica’s challenge was introducing the unique philosophy of the new club through its brand identity. What was created: Brand naming, brand platform, brand visual identity, interior and exterior branding. The project: Our specialists developed the “Neverland” platform, a reference to a fictional country in which the action of Peter Pan takes place in the tale. In accordance to this concept, kids’ club was named “Yes republic” and turned into a community ruled by children, where they can learn and grow at their own pace. A special atmosphere of trust, imagination and freedom of expression. The visualization was inspired by the mixture of playfulness on one hand and the idea of a community of people united around a certain idea on the other. The logo of “Yes! Republic” was elaborated as an emblem comprising of various instruments and toys, representing all the creative areas of learning available in the center.