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About This Client

“Any Rose” was founded on June 5, 2009 and it is open to customers with flower and bridal separate salons.

The flower salon offers a wide range of design for natural and artificial bouquets, compositions.

Due to the inner favorable temperature (+19 °), freshness and natural appearance of the flowers are guaranteed. “Any Rose” is equipped with a special freezing system for more sensitive flowers.

The wide variety of roses and exotic flowers is imported from Holland and Ecuador. The professional florist-designers of the salon will help you with the choice. If you don’t find your desired flower bouquet or composition, with the help of the specialized florist-designers you will receive the embodiment of your imagination.

Surprise-gifts in the form of toys and souvenirs can also find their place in the flower bouquets upon the customer’s request.

“Any Rose” flower salon is always filled with soft music sounds, and the LCD monitor constantly shows elite and original samples of compositions and bouquets.

This salon also provides flower delivery services abroad. “Any Rose” is a member of various international flower delivery organizations, and their catalogues have their special place here.