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About This Client

In 2008, Barsis founded Caldo brand with the aim of replenishing the market with exclusively high quality products. Currently, this brand is imported from the leading manufacturers in their field and offers Armenian, Armenian market, polypropylene and metal fittings, valves, pumps, washbasins, faucets, hose-pads, showers ... European technology and Korean high quality raw materials company also organizes pipe outlets in Armenia.

The process of metal-polymer and polypropylene pipes production is carried out in accordance with European standards, with high-efficiency automatic transmission lines. Caldo is manufactured with different size and purpose pipes used for heating and water supply systems for the transportation of hot and cold water, liquid and gaseous materials. The first line of flow is designed for the production of polypropylene pipes with an outer diameter of 20-63 mm, intermediate aluminum. The second produces polypropylene pipes with an external diameter of 20-63 mm, and the third one with an outer diameter of 16 to 32 mm, with polyethylene pipes of an intermediate aluminum layer. 16 mm external diameter pipe is designed for a special hot floor.