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VooDoo: What Does it mean?

Voodoo was brought to French Louisiana during the colonial period by enslaved Africans from West Africa. From 1719 to 1731, most of the African prisoners captured and enslaved in Louisiana came from what is now Benin: Other groups also brought their cultural customs, languages ​​and religious beliefs rooted in the spirit and worship of their ancestors. All the groups were responsible for the development of Voodoo in Louisiana. Their knowledge of herbs, poisons and ritual creation of charms and amulets designed to protect themselves or harm others has become a key element of Voodoo. The practice of making and wearing charms and amulets to protect, heal or harm others was a key aspect of early Voodoo. Another component of Voodoo, brought from West Africa, was the veneration of ancestors and the consequent attention to respect for elders. For this reason, the survival rate among the elderly subjugated peoples was high.

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Work is not as important as the pleasure we receive from it. Such an authentic corporate culture is not imposed and can not be simply invented. It appears spontaneously when people who like to create, learn and grow together form a team that goes beyond the workplace. What we have, and what the whole industry is concealing, is the complementary nature of our three founding partners. Better known as Triforce, this vision combines business, creative and technological information. This rule is three. This is our strength. Regardless of whether you are an expert or a campaign, we make your brand visible, relevant and effective, putting the figure at the center of your ecosystem, without underestimating the capabilities of traditional media.                                                        

• Brand strategy   • Corporate identity • Graphic design • Art direction
• Photography   • Social Media Marketing • Advertising campaign  



"VooDoo Programming" stands out among other agencies and offers a wide range of creative and strategic services for brands, companies, funds and other wonderful organizations. We help and train our clients for optimal use of the solutions that we build with them. "VooDoo Programming" was born by the partnership of three people of different origins. They form a versatile and complementary team that implements passion and know-how in everything that the agency takes. "VooDoo Programming" makes a digital starting point around which the creative, strategy and technology revolve. We work in this way, regardless of the size of your project.

• Digital Strategy • Web design • Design of mobile applications • Creating content
• User Experience • Web development • Development of mobile applications • Web Hosting


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